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The Grassroots coaching manual has been developed so that we can provide assistance to the hard working coaches who give up their time to develop and educate young people in the north west.

We recognise that if we provide coaches with best practice sessions which are used within the Preston North End Academy, that together we can have a positive impact in developing future stars of the game.

As you progress through the manual you will view a number of sessions which create various situations related to the game of football.

Along with the ‘four corner’ learning objectives, it will give you and your players all the information needed to progress as students of the game.

The Grassroots Coaching Manual has been developed by Nick Harrison (Academy Manager ) and Stuart Delaney (Head of Coaching).


Preston North End’s Academy strive to develop young footballers who are able to play attractive attacking football whilst making good decisions whilst the game is in play.

We want to encourage our teams to play out from the back, whenever possible, using the goalkeeper as a player who can create good supporting angles.

Midfielders are encouraged to create angles to get on the ball and show a bravery to receive the ball in tight areas.

They have to be bright in possession and look to try and create inventive play going forward, when the opportunity is on.

Players must show a good understanding of the game so that they understand what passes, runs and support should be made on and off the ball.

The players must develop a good work ethic and understand the importance of being part of a team. Whenever the players are out of possession, they must look to work hard as an individual and as a team to win the ball back at the earliest opportunity.

As the players progress through the phases, a winning mentality must be developed so that the young players are ready for first team football.

They must also be disciplined on the pitch and conduct themselves in a professional manner when off the pitch, always representing themselves and Preston North End in a positive manner.

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