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The single most important aspect of soccer training for the young player is FUN.

If the session is not enjoyable, then the coach will struggle to keep the attention span of his/her charges. 

If the players enjoy what they are doing they will be fully committed to it and therefore reap the benefits. 

The number 1 goal of our training over the course of one of our programs is to introduce the players to the necessary skills of soccer. 

We aim to do this through a series of challenges and games that will disguise the repetitions needed to acquire SKILL. 

If technique is how a player physically performs a task, then skill is the application of that technique to a real life or competitive situation. 

Coerver training is structured to first address the proper techniques needed to dribble, pass, and receive a ball. 

The players will then be asked to employ these techniques in various “challenges”. 

The challenges will be very basic to start, and then become progressively more difficult and game-like as the players comfort level and confidence with the ball rises. 

Our ultimate goal is to help the kids become creative, confident players who can handle a soccer ball. 

Players who can attack 1v1, pass accurately over increasingly longer distances, and receive any ball played in their direction. 

The game is undoubtedly more enjoyable to play if the participants are at ease with the ball. 

This skill development is a long-term process and should be measured in years, not days. 

Once a certain level of technical proficiency has been reached, Coerver training adds in the tactical dimension, forcing players to become quick-thinking decision makers. 

Vision, communication, and composure will come more quickly to players who are not struggling to deal with the ball itself. 

The Coerver Group Attack & Defense module is designed to address the very necessary attributes of how small groups of players combine and interact on and off the ball. 

Remember these are young players just beginning a long journey toward the end product described above. 

It should be the unified goal of all of us involved in their development to foster in them a love of the sport- to make them the future players, coaches, referees, and most importantly FANS of the world’s number 1 sport.

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