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Coaching Ages 11 to 12 Years PDF

Coaching Ages 11 to 12 Years PDF

This section provides you with a twelve-week training program for children ages 11 through 12 years.

Each practice features four fun and progressive drills and culminates with a small-sided game.

This is the fourth stage of the training program.

Emphasis is placed on the continued development of fundamental skills and careful consideration has been given to prioritize the most relevant techniques to master at this age level.

Main topics include skills in passing and ball control with additional training for shooting, dribbling and heading.

There is a greater emphasis on small group concepts and the introduction of opponents to simulate game situations.

The program is age appropriate and sets a solid foundation for players to advance to the next level.

The program is meant as a guideline and coaches are encouraged to incorporate a minimal understanding of team tactics and laws of the game.

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