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Club Goalkeeping Development Manual PDF

Club Goalkeeping Development Manual PDF

The soccer goalkeeper is one of the most important players on the field - they are the last line of defense and the first line of attack. To play the position well requires special skills and training.

Too many coaches, though, soccer goalkeeping techniques and tactics are a mystery.

This is especially true at younger age levels, where often coaches have not played much soccer at all,and much less played keeper. Even experienced field players and coaches may not have much experience with goalkeeping.

This manual is designed to help soccer coaches coach their goalkeepers.

It outlines and demonstrates basic soccer goalkeeping techniques and tactics. To produce goalkeepers for the next level we must prioritize and work on the following: Handling: 

Ability to hold on to the ball. Diving: Power, Technique and shape.

Feet Skills:

Required to have feet skills as much as any other player on the field.


High-low and inswing-outswing; ability to control the area.


Decision making, accuracy, distance.


Starting positions, set pieces, organization and communication Even though the goalkeeper must, whenever possible, be given individual training at the hands of a specialist coach, he/she must also take part in training sessions with the whole team, therefore allowing them to be confronted with real match situations.

Role of the Goalkeeper Coach

 The goalkeeper coach has to work together with the head coach to enhance the quality of coaching overall, and to assist with the preparation of the goalkeeper.

This working relationship might encompass the following aspects:

  • The Goalkeeping coaches vision and understanding of the goalkeepers role;
  • The role of the goalkeeper in the team’s playing system;
  • The choice of targets/objectives fir training;
  • The planning of targets/objectives fir training;
  • Specific training with the goalkeepers;
  • Coaching the whole team (simulated match situations);
  • Mental preparation for the goalkeeper;
  • Selection of the goalkeeper for the match;
  • Post-match analysis: assessing the goalkeepers performance;
  • Scouting for goalkeeper talent. The goalkeeper coach also forms an integral part of the coaching staff as a whole.

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