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The Ajax Coach Development Weekend from 27th-28th May 2011 at the Johnstown House Hotel, Enfield, Co Meath offers local trainer coaches the unique opportunity to learn from some of the best academy coaches in Europe!.

The weekend is open to all levels of coaches and we can guarantee there will be something for everyone.
Trainer coaches who attend the weekend can expect the most up to date information with regards to youth football developments, exciting Ajax exercises, challenging lectures and a healthy dialogue between instructors and attendees.
The coaches can look forward to a mix of practical sessions and presentations on topics including the Ajax athletics skills program, goal keeping sessions, coach career insights and much more.
he Ajax Youth Development Concept will be the basis of all teaching over the weekend.
Their philosophy is heavily based on the following areas:
Discipline: Ajax coaches emphasize discipline from the very start of a player's development. Behavior in the group is extremely significant for an Ajax youngster, and that means he has to learn consideration for others.
If you cannot do this off the pitch, you will have problems on the pitch ...
Sprints: According to the Athletic Skills Program staff, there is one significant difference between a top team and a team in the sub-top: the quality of the sprints!.
Speed Training: First of all you have to understand why Ajax emphasizes starting and acceleration during training sessions.
A soccer player runs in a very complex way during a game. You need to react constantly to the situation of play, and that involves continuous changes of speed and direction.
The distance you sprint in a game of soccer is between 3 and 20 yards.
between 1 and 4 seconds. Sprinting at full speed for more than 5 seconds at a time is unusual.
Player Development: Ajax look at eight different areas: technique, tactics, know-how, running and strength training, personality forming, coaching situations, training and matches.
Education: It is well known that Ajax give education a high prionty.

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