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Drill 1 


In this tutorial, we initially a block of seven players (canon block defense-midfield module 433), of which 5 yellow (the numbers 2,3,4,5,6) and 2 (8:10) as wildcard.

the block composed, acting in Sector A, performs movements according to the movement of the ball (steps 1,2,3,4,5,6) that occurs during the execution of the exercise by the players Red 4.5, 6,7,9,11 in the opposite half of the field, and according to the following sequence:

ball 6 to 7 (step 1), subsequent discharge of 7 out of 6 came to support (step 2) and step 6 to 4 (step 3 ) with 7:06 that change their position (7 after stroke to circumvent the pole P1).

Same combination (in the opposite direction) occurs between the players 4:11 (4.5 steps) with the ball after the passage 6 at the end will be replayed from the red player 5 Sharing from the cone A (and thus starts the sequence of steps 1, 2,3,4,5,6 to signal Mister).

At the signal of Mister players red 4,9,7, and 11 will move in Sector A and at this point the jokers 8:10 will be part of the Red Team, triggering a 6vs5 situation in favor of the red team (4.8, 7.9 red + the two wildcard 8:10 against 2,3,4,5,6 yellow) with the red team that will go into the penalty area only through a pass and after running at least 10 consecutive passes, while the yellow players will try to recover the ball (using the offside) and go to the destination (exit Sector A and enter the other half of the field) in a situation of 5vs4 (2,3,4,5,6 yellow against 4, 7,9,11 red) as the wildcard 8:10 once lost the ball can no longer play with the players red and their action will be interrupted.

Meanwhile the two players red 5:06 will move on each path called "Slalom" where they will find a ball and, therefore, will have to run a slalom with the ball until the signal of the coach:

the signal is interrupted Mister play in Sector A and one of the two players 5 or 6 will be called to play long ball towards the Sector a,

 where it will launch a new game with the same theme after the recovery of a "second ball" by one of the teams.

Drill 1

Drill 2

In this tutorial, we have a situation of 2vs2 in A (5:06 9:10 red against yellow) while in Sector B we have a situation of 6vs5 in the players favor red + 1 wildcard (number 4).
The two teams (whose common task in not being held will be to retrieve the ball in the shortest possible time), in phase of possession have different objectives:
1. When holding the Yellow team the playing field will consist of both sectors A and B with players who can not get out of their own sector.
Aim for the Yellows will be to overcome the defense of the players red (in a 8vs8 situation including the joker playing with Yellow) by attacking the blind area of defense after combination with at least one of the tips (steps 1,2,3, 4.5 in the figure).
Once past the defense and entered the penalty area the player in possession must conclude with the shot within 5 seconds.
2. When holding the Red team the playing field will be the only sector B, with players red 2:03 reds that are going to be placed on the outside of the field B (2 in Sector 3 there in Sector D) and play along side as the outer banks, while one of the two attackers yellow will enter Sector B in aid to fellow in defense: therefore we will have a situation of 5vs5 (including the joker playing with red) + two banks outside red.
Objective of the players Rossi will be to conclude a network of cross lateral performed by either the outer banks after performing a minimum of 6 passes.
Meanwhile one of the two defenders Rossi 5:06 (ie. Before the player 5) come to rest on cone labeled "Cross 1" and put the ball in Sector And where his partner (the player 6) will counter the tip remained in Sector A who will attack the ball in Sector E (first situation 1v1).
Subsequently, after the first Cross, the other defender (the player 6) come to rest on cone labeled "Cross 2" and put the ball in Sector And where his partner (the player 5) will counteract the tip in a second 1v1 situation.

Drill 2

Drill 3

In this tutorial, we in Sector Two teams playing a possession in a situation of 4vs4 (G1, G2, G3, G4 against B1, B2, B3, B4) with 2 the outer banks (N3 and R3) with legal goal after holding the ball for as long as 20 seconds.
At the same time 3 players blacks (N1, N2, N4) and 3 players red (R1, R2, R4) perform the following exercise represented in the figure: the player N1 part in slalom with ball between the Chinese guy blue, with the player positioned N2 at the end of the path; just before the slalom finish N1, N2 part, goes to get the passage of N1sul cone C1 (step 1) after passing a stake, replay the ball on N1 (step 2) and starts again to go to get the ball on the cone C2 (step 3) after passing a second pole.
Once the path, N2 plays the ball on N4 (which will initiate the same combination with N1) with N2 going to get back to the starting position.
For each signal Mister player at that time will have finished the course will take the place of the bank as a partner in possession. So we'll have that players red and blacks will alternate every signal in the role of Mister outer bank at Sector A (the path described applies to players red).
It continues until the Mister signal with a very specific call players to run the second part of the year: in fact the player will end the path (in the example N2), instead of starting the combination passing to the player who must run the slalom with the ball, pass the ball to the player with whom he received step 3 (in N1 with step Az. 1) which in the meantime will run a course in overlap with the next slalom between the posts (Route 1). Along the way players in the sector called by Mister will reach the Sector B identified in the box:
the situation will be chosen by Mister based on the players called, and therefore in Sector B will have different situations of side passages (of course from both the right and then the left side).
We can then have situations ranging dall'1vs1 to 4vs4 is of equal numbers of numerical inferiority of one of the two teams.
The defending team in Sector B will be the one who had to retrieve the ball in Sector A Rotate players.
Drill 3

The rest of the exercises are in the following file

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