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The training plan PDF

The training plan PDF

1. The training plan

The development of a football player and the preparation of a team are comparable to building a house. In order to achieve the objectives that have been set, the coaching staff have to follow a series of steps that have been scheduled as part of an overall plan.

This is known in the sporting world as the training plan.

The training plan consists of determining objectives and implementing a set of increasingly detailed

procedures with the aim of achieving these objectives.

As with any form of education or teaching, as little as possible should be left to chance with training, even

though a fair share of intuition, or “nous” on the part of the coach, also has its role to play in the process.

The planning of his team’s training is therefore an essential task for any coach if he is to ensure that the play-

ers progress, that their performance abilities develop, and that they are prepared both individually and as a team for competitive action.

This is just as much a task for top-level coaches as it is for youth coaches.

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