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Soccer–The 4-4-2 System PDF

Soccer–The 4-4-2 System PDF

The 4-4-2-system is one of the most
 commonly used formations in
 modern football. 

The diamond, a flat four or positional marking, is a term that everyone connected to soccer is familiar with.

This book is dedicated to outlining the training connected with the 4-4-2-system.

Using numerous, methodical training drill examples, this book presents the most important and effective training exercises required to learn the 4-4-2-system and successfully implement it into your everyday training schedule. 

So what does methodical tactical training look like? 

How do I coach runs and movement? How does a team switch sides as a unit?

How do I set-up zonal pressing and where does each player need to position him/herself? 

We have attempted to answer all of these questions (and many more) through selected drills and phases of play. 

All the exercises in this book are the result of years of practical experience in amateur and professional soccer.

Each exercise contains detailed instructions, which should help you ensure correct implementation. 

We hope that we have been successful in offering something for those interested in tactics and in particular specific, understandable, practical examples of measured tactical exercises related to the 4-4-2-system. 

Enjoy the book and your coaching! 

Christian Titz & Thomas Dooley.

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