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Developing Klopps Principles PDF

Developing Klopps Principles PDF

“What a footballer can do in and out of possession is easy to establish, but the deeper layers - who they are, what they believe in, how they’ve reached this point, what drives them, what awaits them when they depart training - are the real details.” – Jurgen Klopp.

In this exercise we want to create the right focus towards the essential part of the session.

We want to create hunger towards ball recovery, creating chaotic moments and controlling these moments by being ‘quick in mind’, with orientation, skill, precision and connection.

We want short intense periods alternating with rest periods so players stay  fresh and alert to absorbing information and learning all the time.

The closest player goes 100% and puts total effort into the press.

One player can always defend two opposition by blocking the line, pressing the ball carrier and checking over the shoulder.

The two last yards of the press define everything.

As far as aggression goes – yes please! – but this must be controlled with an anticipation of where the next pass will go, and with team mates re-organising as a group constantly and quickly.

In terms of typical mistakes, we will sometimes witness disappointment after losing possession whereby players offer no immediate reaction.

Development takes time – it takes time for players to make decisions based on the collective interventions and references.

We don’t want a linear or mechanical state of play – a good and creative development takes time.

A high-intensity and counter- pressing team will often make more mistakes because we attempt more and perhaps accomplish more – ultimately, patience and an expectation of making mistakes is actually okay.

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