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A Practical Guide to Tactical Periodization PDF

A Practical Guide to Tactical Periodization PDF

This book can be used as a practical “how to” coach’s guide to train a soccer team using the concept of Tactical Periodization.

One full week of in-season training, one day at a time, is provided revolving around the chosen training theme for that week, in this case, using the wings on attack with examples and diagrams for easy reading.

The small sided games mentioned in this book are provided to illustrate general training principles related to tactical periodization and are for example only.

If you have training exercises that you feel more comfortable with, use them so long as the following training principles are met: 

1. That the primary purpose of training is to imprint the Game Model on players. 

2. Training exercises (small sided games) for each session must progress from simple to complex. 

3. Training must be logically incremental, that is, build on what was learned in the last session.

4. Training must replicate the game so players must move at game speed during training sessions. 

5. Follow the five day pattern: recovery, strength (first step power), endurance, speed, activation. 

6. Alternate aerobic and anaerobic training effort. 

7. Players must be peaked but rested on game day. 

As mentioned in the book, “A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization” (Minutillo and Rafloski), Tactical Periodization is a concept to be used to train a soccer team in an orderly, game related manner so each important phase of the game, that is, offense, defense, transition from defense to offense, and transition from offense to defense become seamless and potent on game day.

It is used to train attacking and defending, and the transitional phases in between.

It can be used to train a soccer team no matter what formation or system of play is used.

Literally, the best coaches in the world use the concept of Tactical Periodization, modified to fit their needs to train their team.

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