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Coaching Manual – U9/U10 PDF

Coaching Manual – U9/U10 PDF

On behalf of everyone at Toronto High Park FC, I would like to take the time to thank you all for your help throughout the year. Without your time, input, and feedback we would not be able to function successfully as a club.

THPFC’s strengths continue to lie in community building and a sense of togetherness, two factors that formed the basis of the club many years ago. As we continue to prosper and grow, I hope we can maintain that community feel while also adding in the professional nature that a club of this size needs.

The following manual will assist you as a coach, provide a framework for your respective program, and act as a valuable educational tool to further your development as a coach, mentor, and role model.

The network of THPFC parent and volunteer coaches is one of the biggest assets to the club, providing its sound foundation.

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