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Playing out from the back


This practice will allow players to work on playing out from the back, the movements and triggers involved and helping develop confidence in possession.


Divide the pitch into nine squares with a goal at each end and two equal teams.


Starting with the goalkeeper, the team in possession plays in the first six squares nearest to their goal, with the idea of getting into the final three squares to score. If an attacker goes into the last three squares to receive the ball too early, they are offside. Progress the practice by finishing with a shot on goal.


Depending on your style of play the players can make the decision as to where and how they will play the ball: play over, play round or play through. Remember to manage the team without the ball, get them to defend realistically so that your session aims can come out. Don’t forget the role of the goalkeeper in helping the team retain possession.

Playing out from the back

1. The goalkeeper starts the practice, with their team playing in the nearest six squares

Playing out from the back

2. The goalkeeper can play to any available team-mate

Playing out from the back

3. The in-possession team (reds) look to work the ball into the final three squares to score

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