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12-Week Soccer Conditioning Program PDF

The workouts are set up in revolving three week cycles.
A variety and changes in intensity and volume are programmed into the cycles.
The specific goal of these workouts is preparing you for the work capacity demands of the game of soccer.
This is not in- tended as a complete program that addresses all components.
The assumption is that the other three days will be oriented toward
soccer and the other conditioning components of speed, strength and suppleness (flexibility).
There are two high intensity workouts and one lower intensity aerobic workout scheduled per week.
The aerobic workout is
intended to be a recovery workout at a conversational pace.
If you feel that additional aerobic work is needed then see the section at the end on supplementary aerobic workouts. None of these workouts is designed to exceed 30 min., therefore they must be done with intensity and concentration for maximum benefit.
Always emphasize good running mechanics!
If you are plodding through the
workouts there is little or no carryover to the game and the risk of injury is greater.
12-Week Soccer Conditioning Program PDF

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