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The National Football curriculum PDF

The National Football curriculum PDF

How should Australians play football? What skills and style best suit our nation and our hundreds of thousands of players? These are

fundamental questions that should engage the minds of everyone involved in the game from the professional tier to the grassroots.

The FFA National Football Curriculum not only provides answers, but explains the philosophy behind how we should play and illustrates

practical steps that bring the thinking to life in training and matches.

The first version of the National Curriculum in 2009 was a breakthrough in setting out a broad agenda, but this second version is

presented in a way that will resonate in schools, clubs, academies and elite development pathways, in fact anywhere football is played.

I’m delighted to formally publish the National Curriculum and I commend the FFA Technical Director Han Berger and his coach

education team for the meticulous approach to this work.

Having this Football Curriculum available for all the coaches across the nation is a key part of FFA’s Strategic Plan to make football the

biggest and most popular game in Australia.

I look forward to seeing the football that will flow as this curriculum influences our next generation of players.

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