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Nutrition for football PDF

Nutrition for football

“The foods and drinks that players choose to consume can affect how they perform in sport and help them to stay fit and healthy.

All players should choose foods wisely to help achieve their goals in sport.

We must also remember the important social and cultural aspects of eating and the pleasure that we gain from food. A healthy diet that is good for performance can also be a source of enjoyment.

FIFA is committed to helping all players to achieve their goals. This booklet is part of that commitment.

We see the practical guide to eating and drinking for health and performance in football as an integrated part of the ‘Football for Health’ programmes initiated by F-MARC in order to maintain the health. For many it is also to improve their health conditions by playing football as a very efficient physical exercise and to also tackle many non-communicable diseases.

A healthy diet and an appropriate intake of fluids are very important pillars of the programme ‘Football for Health’.“

Staying committed to a balanced nutritional diet is key to achieving peak-level athletic performance.

To help you in this regard, The Coca-Cola Company, through our POWERADE brand, is proud to partner with FIFA and the FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre (F-MARC) to create this nutrition guideline brochure for all players, including those elite players who are competing in the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™.

The Coca-Cola Company’s POWERADE brand can help athletes refresh, revitalize and perform at their optimum level whenever they compete, by helping to prevent dehydration and by delaying the onset of fatigue during exercise.

Coca-Cola has a rich heritage of support for football at all levels, from youth development activities to the FIFA World Cup™.

On behalf of our 700,000 CocaCola associates in 206 nations around the world, we wish you the very best at the World Cup, as you compete and establish friendships with people from other cultures and countries who share your passion for football, friendship and goodwill.

Nutrition for football - FIFA.com

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