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The England DNA is the coaching and playing philosophy of the England teams.

It consists of the following five core elements:

1. Who we are:

Our culture and values.

2. How we play:

Both in and out of possession.

3. The future England player:

E.g. required skills and attributes.

4. How we coach:

During training and on matchday.

5. How we support:

Physically and psychologically.

System set up:

To ensure you are able to get the most from this session please follow these instructions:

• You are placed on mute when signing into the webinar, please DO NOT change this as this will ensure you can hear us but will not interfere with background noises

• Please show respect for your tutor and fellow candidates, swearing and abusive behaviour is not permitted.

• Should there be queries or questions please raise in the textbox.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties then please raise this in the textbox ensuring you select ‘Everyone’ (scroll to the top of the drop down in the text box) when submitting a message.

Before we begin:

  • Can everyone see my screen?
  • Can you see me and can you hear me?If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please let us know via the text box
  • Please can everyone check that they able to use the text box by confirming what age group you are currently working with?


Download link here

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