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7v7 Scrimmage

 A 7v7 scrimmage is a great way to end most of your training sessions. The 7 vs 7 allows players to focus on team tactics in realistic training situations and respond to problems presented in the full-sided game.

7v7 Scrimmage

7 vs 7 scrimmage, 7v7 team training

It's always good to finishing a soccer training session with a 7 vs. 7 scrimmage to focus on team play.

7v7 Scrimmage

Drill Setup

  1. Create a field approximately 60 X 40 yards.
  2. Two full-size goals on each end-line.
  3. Split the teams evenly into 7 vs 7. Six field players per team and a goalkeeper in each goal.
  4. For younger players with fewer field players, reduce the size of the field and number of players.

Drill Instructions

  1. Play a small sided game with match conditions. 
  2. All game rules apply. Throw ins, corner kicks, goal kicks, etc.

Drill Variations

  • Add minor restrictions to focus on a specific topic. 

Drill Coaching Points

  • Let the game be the teacher.
  • Correct team shape.
  • Speed of play.

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