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50 Technical Practices PDF

50 Technical Practices provides the reader with a range of educational

modified versions of association football that can be performed both

indoor and outdoor to good effect.

50 Technical Practices PDF

The games are structured to ensure that players learn the basic principles

of defence and attack, and can be manipulated to focus on key

techniques such as control, passing, dribbling, running with the ball,

heading and shooting.

You will find that the practices are very attractive in appearance, contain

simple instructions of how to get each practice started, contain useful

tips on how to make things easier or more difficult and are full of advice

about what to look for.

The practices have been designed to meet the requirements of the

National Curriculum (UK) Key stages of development for Invasion games.

Practices have therefore been divided into 9 distinct categories for

simple use:

1. Warm Ups 6. Shielding

2. Goalkeeping 7. Passing

3. Possession 8. Dribbling

4. Goal Scoring 9. Heading

5. Crossing And Finishing

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