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1v1 Soccer Skills Builder Volume 1 PDF

1v1 Soccer Skills Builder Volume 1 PDF

The 1-v-1 attacking situation is the most exciting and yet fundamental feature of soccer; the cerebral artist that can outwit an opponent with mazy dribbling, lightning speed of movement and a baffling range of skills is a crowd pleaser and first on the coaches’ team selection.

At the Dash Academy level, we have a heavy focus on the 1-v-1 discipline and its connection to the wider context of the game, both from an attacking perspective and from a defensive position.

Technical aptitude is one element of the 1-v-1 situation, but the tactical understanding of knowing when and where to be creative is essential learning.

Taking repeated different looks at a range of varying game-specific scenarios is necessary for the youth player to thrive through the Academy generations and into the professional ranks.

Your 1-v-1 session planning requirements are covered with the exceptional range of training exercises, game-specific ideas and coaching content included within; enjoy the 1-v-1 Soccer Skills Buil der manuals.”

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