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15 minute stretching workout

 Stretch toward a new you! Each of the four programs in this book uses stretching to develop different aspects of your body. Think of those aspects like the facets of a diamond, honed with precision by the diamond cutter so each one sparkles and makes a glorious whole. This book shows you how to transform your body— and your life—through stretching. Each stretch can stand by itself, but when done in sequence, you will experience a powerful cumulative effect. To start, read the introduction to each program to get an idea of its theme. Then watch the demonstration on the DVD, which demonstrates all four programs and is designed to be used with the book. As you watch, page references to the book flash up on the screen. Refer to these for more detailed instruction. Next, try the program for yourself, then read the FAQs pages and annotations, and study the “feelit-here” patches on the exercise pages to learn more and make the moves more your own. Certain stretches will be harder for some people than for others, depending upon experience and body type. Remember, there’s always an easier way to get into a harder move, so use the modification suggestions in the FAQs pages and on pp116–117. Remember, too, that you need to do a variety of motions in many different planes in order to identify weak links in your body. There’s no such thing as an easy exercise. Any exercise or stretch, however simple it may seem, brings greater benefits the more mindfully you do it. 

The gatefolds 

The gatefolds help you see each stretch sequence as a whole. Once you’ve watched the DVD, and examined the modifications and tips for each exercise, the gatefold will help reinforce the sense of the sequence and gives you a quick at-a-glance reference. More importantly, when working without the DVD, you can also use the gatefold to prolong a stretch and linger from stretch to stretch, embellishing and savoring each as times permits.

 Safety issues 

Be sure to get permission from your healthcare provider prior to beginning a new exercise program. The advice and exercises are not intended to be a substitute for individual medical help.

15minute stretching workout

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