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circuit-training Book PDF

circuit-training Book PDF

“Circuit training is a method of fitness training that is designed to develop general, all-round physical and cardiovascular fitness.”

Morgan and Adamson at the University of Leeds first developed circuit training in the 1950s. It is a versatile training method as it can be adapted for many different situations, sections of the population and fitness requirements, and can be used at any time of the year.

While the exercises are normally laid out in a circular pattern, the pattern can be varied for motivational purposes to that of a star, square, semi-circle, V-shape, line or zigzag.

The athlete and his or her background, the sport, the time of year and the facilities available will dictate the type of circuit that is designed and implemented. Circuit training can be designed to develop a number of fitness components, including cardiovascular endurance (CVE), muscular endurance (ME), power, and anaerobic endurance.

All of these components of fitness are extremely applicable to team sports. In addition, sport-specific circuits can be designed to address the specific skill and fitness requirements of a sport. Information related to the design of the various types of circuit is contained in this fact sheet.

The instruction and delivery of circuit sessions is a key element in the effectiveness of this training method, and important relevant information is also provided at the end of the fact .

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