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As coaches, we know that there are many things that contribute to The success of the young soccer player.
Our mission becomes one of determining where The individual players (as well as our team) are in terms of their development The abilities then choose the appropriate activities to help them improve their skills.
When I say "good activities" I mean those that are basically healthy, keep up
Children move and develop good habits and make them think of the game as a game
This book provides you with 180 activities designed to warm - Up, Shuffle, Scroll, Receive, Connect, Spacing, Support.
To make the most of practice time, getting organized quickly for drills is
One thing I’ve noticed is that when players are asked to get into small groups for a particular activity friends will always look for friends to practice with, while some of the kids are left out or left to be assigned to groups by the coach.
Because I strongly believe that all players should feel a part of the team, here is
a trick I use to get going quickly and to build team unity at the same time.
I call this method the numbers game.
I use it as a season long game.
Whenever I call out a number, the players must get into groups of that number as
soon as possible.
Whoever isn’t in a group “loses”. For example, if there are 16 players at the training session and I call out “4” the players will quickly get into 4 groups of 4. However, if I call out 3, they will get into 3
groups of 5 and one person “loses.”
 When I first introduce the game, I give the kids some examples of consequences for the loser.
For example, she might have to do 5 push-ups or 5 donkey kicks. Players learn very quickly that whenever they hear me call out a number that they need to grab whomever is closest to them without regard for whether they are an old friend or a new friend.
This is also a great way to get players to work together with different teammates throughout a training session or season. It even works in large numbers ( if you want to split 16 players into groups of 11 and 5, just yell 11 and those 11 become the first group right away.
If a player wants to be in the group of
11 they will do so and if they don’t that is her decision.
This is a great way to find out who wants to do things because the players will frequently figure out what you are thinking with the numbers and will get into the bigger group to participate.
Sometimes I will assign players into groups, but most often I will yell out the number and let the players do it, which saves time and avoids potential conflicts.
Next time you need to break your players into teams, play the numbers
game and see how many potential problems are avoided.

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