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Session de formation : First Touch Box

First Touch Box

First Touch Box

I have always enjoyed working with this activity with kids from u8 all the way to u16. What is great about this activity is how much you as a coach can change, adjust, tweak, add, remove, etc to fit the level of the players and how you can grow this not only in technical demands but also when adding pressure going from 1v1 up to 3v3s.

I did not add all progressions and options as I have run this session before and had a moment where I saw another way to progress and try it with the players. Adding something like a small touch to the left inside the box and a big touch to the right outside the box. You can add players
onto the poles/cones in the middle and add more players working if you have big groups. A lot of ability to adjust within this format.

I always after working on both sides add a choice of which side. Sometimes I may have the player who passes the ball run straight through the box if the touch is going to the side to mimic a defender. If I am working on turning ( back to goal) I may have them check in front of the pole, which again can mimic a defender.

Adding the ball in the air is important as unfortunately the game is not always played on the ground. Can they deal with the simple touches ( keep it in the box) but then can they handle
the more difficult technique of turning with the ball out of the air. A lot of balance and
coordination then get involved.

As always adapt, share, and enjoy.

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