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UEFA B (Level 3) Certificate in Coaching Football Coaching Session Planner PDF

 UEFA B (Level 3) Certificate in Coaching Football Coaching Session Planner  PDF

This is the second in a series of books that I have written to support coaches doing their Level 3 (UEFA B) coaching certificate.
It incorporates the feedback that I have received from the many coaches that have used version 1.1 of this book.
More importantly, it includes the new sessions for the new UEFA B.
If you were to conduct a survey of a number of coaches who had undertaken their Level 3 coaching badge and ask them what aspects they found the most challenging, most would reply that completing the practical sessions for their portfolio and for the final assessment were what they found most difficult.
Of course, the other theoretical, nutrition and fitness aspects of the course are also important, but they are more manageable if you are willing to put in the work to get them written up.
Despite the importance of the practical sessions in the UEFA B qualification, there appears to be a real shortage of quality session plans that new coaches can use and adapt for their own sessions.
Indeed, most trainee Level 3 coaches are literally crying out for decent session plans.
Some coach educators on Level 3 courses will reluctantly let you have a copy of their session plans, but this is not always the case.
The end result is that coaches feel frustrated and anxious about how on earth they are going to get all their practical sessions completed.
This book aims to remedy this by providing coaches with a session plan for every topic that you might be expected to complete as part of your Level 3 practical assessment.
The author of this book is a qualified and practicing UEFA B coach with a professional football club and who has over ten years of coaching and teaching experience.
The session plans here have also been verified by a qualified coach educator to ensure that they meet the standard and requirements of the UEFA B course.

ملخص دورة تدريبية الاتحاد الاوروبي UEFA B (المستوى 3) PDF


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