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The first premise that I want to do this on my final thesis Master Course for professional coaches 2006-2007 is on the motivations that led me to choose the topic in question is to say 'the preparation of the game'.

Almost all coaches eventually talked about their favorite form or their ideas from the tactical point of view, but very rarely I happened to read as they go to prepare for the game: it is physically on the field and off the field.

I believe that in a football more and better prepared tactically and physically is very important to go to prepare all the individual matches to the last detail.

In later chapters representing my working days, I'm going to expose my work week, beginning as I try to do 'analysis of the game' was just played, then he moved to study as the next opponent and ending on as I go to prepare the next game physically on the field.

As my curiosity to know how matches are prepared by the various coaches is almost never been satisfied, I chose to put my small experience available to those who are moved by my own interest in this topic.

For a proper understanding of the next chapters I feel obliged to do other two premises:

- The week I went to summarize is randomly chosen I had available and, although not equal to the others, I consider it indicative definitely on my way to go to prepare for the games.

- During the season taking into account my team was playing regularly with the 4-2-3-1 without ever going into deformation against any opponent, but just trying to take the measures on the basis of what we would find in the field.


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