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Passing Combinations PDF

Passing Combinations PDF
Combination play and passing are directly linked and are dependent on each other.  Well timed passing combinations are required in the break down of defensive lines. 
These passing drills provide a focus on combination play.
Passing is undoubtedly the most important skill in the game.
Without passing the attack becomes almost impossible. "Pass and Move" was a British hit from Premier League side Liverpool in the 1990s, and while this team didn't always have what they sang about, it epitomized the foundation of fast, dynamic football, the ability to control the ball, pass and find space.
The best football teams in the world are very competent in this field. Soccer teams like Barcelona and Manchester City have very strong possession-based (passing) teams. As a training objective, passing can be incorporated into possession-based drills (rondos) as a more attractive activity for players.
Mode play and more technical passing routines also have a place in our opinion. In style play, the focus should be on technical execution and unopposed delivery.
Football passing drills and playing patterns should reflect the system of play and include rotations where possible. Usually at younger ages we focus on smaller rondos and fast passing patterns and train players in many types of passes. To become a great soccer player requires practice and hours of practice. 
As we progressed in the development program, we began to include more complex possession-based bite-sized games and positional games where players could implement their soccer passing skills in an adverse environment. 
Forcing the player to make quick decisions under pressure to maintain possession while still creating good chances on goal with quality passes.

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